dhtmlxGrid - how to get the grid object using row Id

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How can I get a reference to the grid object whose rowId is known to me.

This is the scenario where I have multiple subgrids for a given grid. I select a row in one of the subgrids and I want to know which subgrid it belongs to.

I am looking for something like getParentGrid(rowId).

Please suggest.

Gaurav Arora
Gaurav Arora
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Unfortunately there is no such method

Are you calling this code from some event of grid ? Each grid's event has reference to related grid object, you can use "this" which points to the grid object inside any custom event attached to the grid. ( if same event attached to multiple grids, "this" will point to the grid which is actually fires event )

In common case, you can check is grid has row with such id by using

if (grid.getRowById(id)) alert("such row exists");
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