Combobox within accordion doesn't display correctly

Could you attach the complete demo that reproduces the problem ?

Sorry, this was my fault,

I needed to add position: relative to my outer Div.

I have an outer div, containing inner Divs which contain the combo boxes.

I’d applied the position relative to the inner Divs and it wasn’t having the desired effect.

I’ve applied it to the outer div and now it’s working.

sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

same thing happens if combobox is used inside the grid.
if options list is rendered and if we use grid scroll then the combobox does not move with grid data.
i have used these code sniplets to initialise the combo in grid.

to define column types:

to define column data
comboboxSendMail = userAdministrationGrid.getCombo(10);

Please help for this scenario

Hello, ashoksi
Coul you send us a demo on to reproduce this issue?
Please, refer to this topic in the letter. … leted_demo