Database Models - All Properties


I can’t find a complete example or definition of the tasks and links tables to include ALL of the potential fields for use in the Pro version of Gantt. In many different posts here and in the comments on the pages there are varied examples of other fields in the data.
Examples include constraint, status, end_date, and others.

Do you have a full listing, or is one required to go through all feature properties to manually determine the db model requirements? This is the base topic, but only shows the minimum fields. This question was asked here, but the answer did not supply the info requested and only pointed to demos that document the same basic fields, or has changed location in the last few years on the site.


Hello Edward,
We don’t have a full list of properties that will be added to a task object if you use all Gantt features. And also you can add custom properties.

We’ll add that list in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.