editorType select Item value of options issue In Grid


Item value of options is not exists when grid’s editor type is select


Read this


Grid combobox have only text ​​and no values.

 <select id="combobox" name="combobox">
     <option value="A">A Text</option>
     <option value="B">B Text</option>
     <option value="C">C Text</option>

dhtmlx 6

 <select id="combobox" name="combobox">
     <option>A Text</option>
     <option>B Text</option>
     <option>C Text</option>


currently the select editor in the dhtmlxGrid contain only the text property.


Is there any intention of changing this? Or is there a simple way to work around this? I use select editors to hide numerical values with text representations so the users don’t have to know what the numbers mean.

Currently I’m thinking about adding an additional field to my data that is just the text, and checking the changes to the fields through the “Change” event of the data to keep the two fields in sync. But that’s really not an ideal route.