Filtering event function is called two or more times (for each event) when using Container Autoresize Extension

Version: 5.1.1 (it also happens with 4.4.4)

I’ve Using the Container Autoresize Extension and I tried to add a function to filter events depending on certain conditions. I noticed that the filtering function is called twice for each event on day/week/month and at least three times on agenda view.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Use Sample “09_api/09_filtering_events” and just include Autoresize Extension.
  • Put a console.log or alert on filtering function.



Unfortunately, we can’t change this behaviour - that is how the Container Autoresize works - it redraws the scheduler again after it calculates its size. The redrawing calls filtering function, that is why it is called the second time.

ok, but the redraw occurs even if I don’t change the window size?

For example in week view I got to next week and the go back to current week and the filter event is called twice for each event…so is redrawing the scheduler although I didn’t change the size of the window?

Yes, the first drawing of the Scheduler - is a regular one, then the Container Autoresize code starts to work and redraw the Scheduler again.