Please, open file generate.php in export script and set $debug = true;
After that try to export one more time.
New file with name ‘debug_xx_xx_xx.xml’ will appear in directory with generate.php.
Attach it here, please.

$debug = true; ==> already set.

  1. export from client side work good (see attach file)

  2. the problem when i try to export directly from server side → nothing happend
    no bu gfile
    export empty file (pdf or excel)
    debug_2011_11_23__11_21_40.rar (4.06 KB)

empty file = 0 octets

Please, try to update convert.php. It contains a little of debug-code.
What does script return after updating?
convert.zip (890 Bytes)

sorry no changes

Please, revert convert.php and add into code.php the follow line in the beginning:


Make sure that cURL extension is turned on in php.ini:

  1. extension=php_curl.dll ==> already activate
  2. error_reporting(E_ALL);

==> nothing happen

Try to update convert.php one more time.
After updating it should output debug information.
Do you still have empty page?

Are you using php connector version 1.0?
convert.zip (895 Bytes)


yes i am using php connector v1.0

I edit the file, and I get the following message ==> bool(false)

Please, modify file convert.php like here:

echo curl_error($handle)." errno: ".curl_errno($handle);

What does script output?

Could not resolve host: …; Host not found errno: 6bool(false)

Ohh, yes. You have to specify the whole url here:

$convert = new ConvertService("../../resources/lib/dhtmlxGrid/excel-php/generate.php");	

i.e. somthing like this:

$convert = new ConvertService("http://somedomain/project/resources/lib/dhtmlxGrid/excel-php/generate.php");	

its work thx lot.

but :

$config->setHeader(“C.B,Marque,Projet,Derniere M.a.J,#cspan”);

the header is not properly exported
some(44).rar (5.85 KB)

AND when i try to open the file exported i get this message :

the file format you are trying to open is different from that specified by the file extension. Make sure the file is not damaged and that comes from a reliable source

attech header export not working in server side export

Here is one more convert.php update.
It will process tag into correct format.
Convert script doesn’t support rowspan/colspan in header/footer.
convert.zip (1.09 KB)

thank you very much for your support

I have the solution to export an Excel file with rowspan and colspan

maybe :unamused:

please test it
generate.rar (804 Bytes)

debug_2018_09_06__01_51_52.xml (14.3 KB)
my debug file is attached herewith…
code works fine on localhost; my pc where I installed wamp server but excel file downloaded from online application contain no data and gives message “Excel file cannot open because format or file extensioin is not valid.”
Need Help
Thanks in advance

Here is the solution: