How I can Init DHTMLXGrid with reactjs


I can’t find document how to init grid with reactjs in office document . editable cell


Could you please, clarify your question?

I want init a grid in popup without HTML

What do you mean without HTML. Grid can be attached to the html body or to some defined html-container.


Thanks for your response, the grid can’t config to editable cell in DHTMLX suite 6.


In the dhtmlxGrid 6.1 we have added the edit possiblity:

You need to add the

 editing: true

in your grid configuration


So…What about this feature with cell editable ? I want using this in your Suite 6.x



What particular feature do you mean? In the current version (6.1.2) it is not yet possible to copy data to the clipboard or select blocks of cells.


Yeb, the lasted version not supported it yet. So how long they will update it ?


Such feature currently is available in dhxSpreadsheet:


I tried but not suitable with my situation