Install the Export module on your server directly


For the option “Install the Export module on your server directly” on the page … port.shtml. Do you give us the installation media or your technicians need to do the installation for us? The below text is what I’m asking for clarification on.

How to deploy ExportToPDF on server (Node.js app)

This scenario implies that somebody from our end will do the installation.
The reason for it is that we can’t provide a tech support for server configuration and possible deploy issues. Thus the intent is either to have somebody from our side to do the install and ensure that everything is working properly, or to provide the app in containerized form (docker/vm image) in order to avoid any possible issues with the deploy.

If you have experience with nodejs we can send you an export application files and some instructions, so you should be able to install it on your own. But in this case we can only provide the app as is, our tech support won’t be able to give you a timely help with the deploy, if such need arise.


Hello! How I can deploy export to PDF on my server? Can you share instructions?


Hello Andrii,
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