Online export service


your code should be like this to use online export service:



Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if the online service works to export to xls.

I am trying to export to excel with the url: “http://dhtmlxgrid.appspot.com/export/html” but it says page not available.

Any idea??

Thank you all. :wink:


Could you provide the code of your grid page?


Hi, since we implement our SSL, we cannot export to Excel by default. We need to enable the unsecured items because it’s relocating to a non-https site. Is there a way around this problem? Thank you very much.


Sorry, but that comment just amuses me a bit :slight_smile:


Hi, can somebody tell me if the online service is still running? My export scripts that have been working for months, suddenly stopped working. I see in the browser inspector a 404 error for “http://dhtmlxgrid.appspot.com/export/excel


Yes same here. We’re getting 404 Not Found with the online export service to Excel. Is the URL changed?


the online service is down again. :frowning:


Hello Sir/Mam, may I ask why the online service is frequently down? Is this service going away? If so, please advise us so we can do the necessary adjustments from our applications. This issue has been posted for 3 weeks now. Thanks.


Any update on this issue? We are having the same problem.


I am using “http://dhtmlxgrid.appspot.com/export/excel” url to export to Excel. It was functioning properly but since yesterday it is not. Is the service not available.



the online service is not working. Any problems? The service has been closed?
Best regards


If the service is closed than what is the alternate way to do it.


Hey Guys,
We still have the problem. any alternative way to export to pdf/Excel?? :unamused: :unamused:


Merry Xmas, the service is still down. :unamused: :question:


following the instruction, docs.dhtmlx.com/grid__data_export.html, i couldn’t get the export function work. in my case, what i did is changing the path per the sample.

first of all, when clicking button - “get as pdf” or “get as excel”, there is no response.

id couldn’t find the file of dhtmlxgrid_export.js in codebase folder. i downloaded one through forum as instructed, it doesn’t help.

i switched to online version, still nothing happen.

can anyone help me out? by the way, i use SuitePro, i asked for support few days ago, but nobody replied my.

window.onload = function(){
	var mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('ACTContact');// object constructor		
	mygrid.setHeader("fullname,firstname,middlename,lastname,birthdate,age,companyname");//specifies the grid's headers
	mygrid.setImagePath("../j.scripts/dhtmlx/dhtmlxSuite/codebase/imgs/"); //sorting images
	mygrid.setColSorting("str,str,str,str,date,int,str");//sorting type
	mygrid.init();//initializes the grid


<input type="button" value="Get as PDF" onclick="mygrid.toPDF('http://dhtmlxgrid.appspot.com/export/pdf');">
<input type="button" value="Get as Excel" onclick="mygrid.toExcel('http://dhtmlxgrid.appspot.com/export/excel');">

<div id="ACTContact" style="width:100%; height:320px; "></div>


I have issued on using online export to excel.

when I tried to download the excel, I couldn’t get any error on page but file isn’t download.

on console view, Status code is 200 and everything seeds well, but I don’t know why download is not working…

Please help me to solve this problem…


Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Could you please, provide a complete demo, where the problem can be reproduced.