Problem when collapse layout (3E)


Dear Sir,

I use layout 3E (“a”, “b”, and “c”) in my application with dhtmlxSuite v.5.0 Standard edition. First time open the page, i only set layout “a” to expand and the rest are collapse but the layout “b” is still showing. but when i expand one layout “b” or “c”, the two another layout are closed or collapsed nicely. what can cause this happen ?

below are the explanation of each image

  1. myLayout.cells(“a”).collapse();

  2. myLayout.cells(“a”).collapse();

  3. myLayout.cells(“a”).expand();

Please help, thank you
*sorry for my bad english
layout.zip (38.2 KB)



I can confirm a bug. We will try to include a fix in the next build.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


hello sir, may I know whether this bug has been fixed in dhtmlx suite 5.1 ? where to download this 5.1 version, the main download URL is 6.0 version. thank you


Unfortunaetly it is not available to fix this problem in the dhtmlxLayout 5 due to the architect limitation.

I may only suggest you to use the dhtmlxSuite 6.


thank you for your info