There seems to be a bug in TreeGrid when adding a new row


After initially loading data into TreeGrid, I try to add another row by method. The row is added, but the necessary indentation is not set:

I think this is a error. Suite 6.4.3


And one more problem with TreeGrid: I can’t add child item to empty top-level item:


Thank your for your report. The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the fuiture updates.


Both issues are not fixed in Suite 6.4.4


There’s a similar bug where the first leaf of every parent will lose its level when any parent is collapsed. Not sure if related. @sematik


@branana, can you provide example (snippet) of your issue?


Both my issues are not fixed in Suite 6.5.1


Here’s the snippet of the breaking of indentation:


Hello everybody.
We have finally fixed that problem i nthe latest dhtmlxSuite 7.0 update.
Now it should work correctly.
It also can be checked in the snippet linked before: