Vertical Scroll can't be show


Hi, here my code for showing vertical and horizontal scrollbar, dynamically(based on task’s).
gantt.config.layout = {
css: “gantt_container”,
cols: [
min_width: 300,
{view: “grid”, scrollX: “gridScroll”, scrollable: true, scrollY: “scrollVer”},
{view: “scrollbar”, id: “gridScroll”, group:“horizontal”}
{resizer: true, width: 1},
{view: “timeline”, scrollX: “scrollHor”, scrollY: “scrollVer”},
{view: “scrollbar”, id: “scrollHor”, group:“horizontal”}
{view: “scrollbar”, id: “scrollVer”}

This is example result link:

only showing horizontal scroll but vertical can’t be shown.


Hi @Prince_John!

I can see no obvious issues with your code. I’ve tried to reproduce the problem locally, but everything seemed working ok. You use the same code as in the sample. This is a video, where I tried to use it.

I think your problem is not in this part of your code. Can you please share me a complete example?


@guldmi, okay thanks.

still same issue , i’m using the same example code in my project.


Hi @Prince_John!

Here is what I see on my end:

  1. when I open the demo in the browser, there is no vertical scrollbar visible since there is no scrollable content
  2. if I shrink the browser window and tasks no longer fit the screen vertically - the vertical scrollbar appears.
    This is expected behavior, scrollbars are visible only when there is scrollable content.
    Does it work the same way for you or is it different?

If it’s different, can you pls specify what device and browser do you use (PC or Macbook, windows/linux/macos/, chrome/safari/ie/edge/ff)

And if possible, can you plase update this snippet so it would reproduce the issue and share it to me : - “Share” button at top-left will generate a permanent link to the demo