2 comboboxes 1 page

what happens when you need 2 different sizes of the combobox for 2 different selects?

This size hardcoded in dhtmlxCombo.css



thats fine for one but what if i had another combo on the same page and i wanted it to be 200px

or do all comboboxes have to be the same size on any given page working with one css

You can use nested CSS rules , for example you have one combobox inside DIV with id=“parent1” and second combobox inside DIV with id=“parent2”, now you can define next two rules.

#parent1 .dhx_combo_list{ height: 50px;  }

#parent2 .dhx_combo_list{ height: 200px;  }

which be applied to relative comboboxes

thanks seems fine except for the .dhx_combo_list div is there anyway to get around that so that

#combo_zone2 .dhx_combo_list div{


    padding:2px 2px 2px 2px;




#combo_zone3 .dhx_combo_list div{


    padding:2px 2px 2px 2px;