2 Problems in TreeGrid with grid.openItem and grid.closeItem

I’m seeing two problems regarding the TreeGrid:

1.  grid.openItem causes the OnOpenEndHandler to fire. Is there a way to make the event handler not fire when I’m using the API to open nodes? It seems that other handlers such as for column resizing and scrolling don’t have this problem.  I know there is a work-around, which is to remove my handler before making the API call and then add it back again, but I’d rather not have to do this.

2. grid.openItem and grid.closeItem don’t seem to be updating the + and - icons when I call them. Is this a bug?


>> grid.openItem causes the OnOpenEndHandler to fire
I’m not sure that such behaviour is a bug. The onOpenEnd event can by async. in case of dynamic loading it will fire only after XML fetched and included in tree, so it can be usefull to have such event even for manually called openItem commands.
I agree that in case of non-dynamic mode it has no big sense to fire event for manual command calls but don’t see a clear way to separate two behaviours.
In current version of grid you can just add next lines to start and end of openItem function
//to start
var temp=grid._epnFH;

//to end

this will block OnOpenEnd event for manual command call