2 tabs with same content

I have a tabbar I use for holding forms for “adding” a DB entry, and “editing” a DB entry. (For example, a form for filling out someone’s address. You can add a new address, or edit an existing address.)

The form for ‘add’ and the form for ‘edit’ is the same, and in my case, the form is very large. So I simply created the form once inside a DIV, and attached it to multiple tabs:



Then I would manipulate the form elements in the “select” event, depending if the user chose the ‘add’ tab or ‘edit’ tab. This worked fine with dhtmlx version 2.

*However I recently upgraded to version 2.5, and this no longer works. Only the last tab gets the content.

1) I set the content for Tab#1, and it works fine.

2) Then I set the same content for Tab2.

3) Tab 2 is fine, but Tab1 becomes blank.

Is there a way to reproduce this functionality using version 2.5?

Thanks very much.


it isn’t possible to attached the same container to several tabs. You use iframes to load the same page into several tabs:



Where content.html is page with the form