(2018 - September - 12) change into (2018 - 09-12)


I can reorder the items of time period using

time_format:[“%Y”,“%m”, “%d”, “%H:%i”]


but I also want to change the month (dropdown) to numeric (01-12).

is it possible?

Please, try to add the following line before your scheduler initialization:

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Great! exactly what I need.

I like the way calendar show months in word not numbers.



after I applied


I tried to change month date format using this code

scheduler.config.month_date = "%F %Y"; // this is the first one I tried but it wont work

scheduler.templates.month_date = function(date){ // the same as this one it does not work
	var dateToStr_func = scheduler.date.date_to_str("%F %Y");
	return  dateToStr_func(date);

Unfortunately it is not available to define an individual date format for the lightbox without inner code modification.

Okay then I just need to manipulate the DOM thanks.