3.0 pro calendar in form send data to server in wrong format

this is the small testing web project with jsp file. please put it on a web server and open browser for calendarTest.html. select a date from calendar and click the button to see what the server echo the date string value. I purposely defined the serverDateFormat = “%Y-%m-%d”. When I post the form data to servlet, the server gets different date string value from different IE version:
in IE11:
Thu May 15 2014 08:05:00 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time)
and in IE9:
Thu May 15 08:12:00 UTC+0800 2014
It should be “2014-05-15”. Right?
We dont want to upgrade to v3.6 pro because we got a lot of other problems. is there any fix for this?
many thanks
dtmlxTest.rar (423 KB)

Please, try to use the next fix: