32x32 and 48x48 Toolbars

I am sure you have been asked many times in the past, but…

Could you please make toolbars with 32x32 and 48x48 images, and with a single line of text below the image?

With screen resolutions upwards of 1920x1080 it is hard to make out what 16x16 images are anymore. You have to squint since there isn’t much detail. And any modern program/toolbar for Vista Win7 has larger toolbars and ribbons. I feel stuck in the past with Win98 look/feel.

And with the text to the right of the image, it eats up valuable width. If the text was below the image we could get 2-4 times more items per toolbar.

To make it easier for you, don’t make the toolbars “compatible.” Make a zip archive for each with their own css and images.

dhtmlxtoolbar_16x16.zip (original)
dhtmlxtoolbar_16x16_under.zip (text under image)
dhtmlxtoolbar_32x32.zip (text under image)
dhtmlxtoolbar_48x48.zip (text under image)

The user has to pick one and stick with it.

I know this would make A LOT of people VERY happy.

Thank you.

I’m looking at purchasing the license for DHTMLX components. They appear to be one of the best packages I’ve seen. However, it concerns me that many of the posts I’ve seen on this forum aren’t answered. This particular question (larger buttons) is of interest to me but nobody has ever replied to the post. Was this answered?

We have provided toolbar with this possibility many times to paid users (those who own Commercial or Enterprise Suite licenses). We also plan to include this possibility in next release (scheduled on March).

As to unanswered questions. I’m still sure we answer most questions posted in the forum. But… forum is mostly oriented on comunity support. To get guaranteed answers from support team of DHTMLX please purchase support period and use our Support System on support.dhtmlx.com

Best regards