4.0 dhtmlxcombo.css


Just downloaded the 4.0.2 pro framework and I am looking at your documentation for the combo and looking at “How to start with combo” (docs.dhtmlx.com/combo__how_to_start.html).

I was looking at step one which shows what file you need to reference.


... [/code]

It references a dhtmlxcombo.css file which is not included in the download. (I searched the entire download). Should this css file be included in the download or is the documentation wrong?


Note: I am having the same issue with dhtmlxlayout.css, dhtmlxtabbar.css, dhtmlxgrid.css


this is depending on package. if you downloaded combo component only - should be fine (check codebase folder), if you downloaded suite - dhtmlx.js/css files. the same logic for other components.

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for the info. What would happen if we need to modify an individual component js (not css)?

Do we still reference the dhtmlx.js/css from the suite and download the component(s) in question and reference it individual dhtmlx…js/css files (i.e. dhtmlxcalendar.js/css). Will this cause conflict/issues? Can they co-exist? If we download the individual component(s) will it have the same functionality as the suite/Pro has? If not is it possible to get js/css Pro edtion files for these individual components? ( Note: I have tried referencing the dhtmlx.css with a component js file in a simple app and it will not work)

I am asking this since we have made some changes to the js file on some components and are in the process to moving the app to the 4.0 version.

Thanks for you help.


not sure I understood what you exactly mean, but will try:

  1. if you donwload suite - dhtmlx.js consist of set of components
  2. if you sownload single component - dhtmlxsinglecomponent.js consist of singlecompoent, also probably dhtmlxcommon.js, some of components have other integrated components (for example we included combo into form)

and now if the question is:
how can I modify some js code and still have working version

the answer will be:

  1. if you’re using separated files - just modify corresponding separate file
  2. if you’re using suite:
    2.1) keep struct
    2.2) modify (update, overwrite) corresponding separate file’s source (which in /sources/dhtmlxComponent/codebase/filename.js (css)
    2.3) run libCompiler - it will compress all sources into single js/css (for this make sure p.2.1 above is ok)
    2.4) if you want to remove unnecessary/unused components files from single compressed dhtmlx.js - modify (remove lines) /sources/libCompiler/conf/stat_js (at your own risk you know) but keep files order, its important (similar way for css)
  3. if you need uncompressed version - check 2.3 but use /sources/libCompiler/compile_debug.bat

all you need is suite - modify sources, recompile, enjoy

hope this will help


Things are a little clearer and I now understand how the libcompiler works. Thanks for the info. But one last question. If we want to modify just one or two components only but keep the compiled lib as is, can we reference the original compiled lib first and then reference the modified component second in our code.(along with their css file in the same order)

Will this work?

Just asking.


Yes, in 90% cases should be good

some components have dependencies and will not work if you will attach component.js after dhtmlx.js - but here is a forum if any. Problem usually looks like “component.prototype.someFunction” is undefined in console.

if function you need to modify declared via prototope just modify single function (redelcare)