4.0 dhxCalendarA


I have a grid that has a column with a type of dhxCalendarA control. I have applied a grid.setDateFormat(%h:%i %A) to the grid. (which should show a 12hr clock with AM/PM “?”) . Yet when I click on the cell in the grid the calendar control appears but the time is still showing as a 24hr clock.

Am I missing something? Is their another setting that needs to be change? We need to use a 12hr clock.


Unfortunately it is not available to display time in calendar picker in AM/PM format. The 24h clock is hardcoded.

Any chance this could be implemented in the near future. It seems strange that you can format the time to show it in 12 hrs AM/PM but when you select the time in the Calendar control you make the user use a 24 hr format first.


Unfortunately such feature is not planning.
At first place the calendar was created to work with the dates. The time displaying is some kind of additional feature.