4.4.9 doesn't compile?

I’m evaluating the scheduler product, and got it working in my react app using the 4.4 npm package (npmjs.com/package/dhtmlx-scheduler).

However, I need to utilize the Multi-day units view, which requires the “units” extension, which does not appear to exist in the 4.4.0 npm package. (docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sampl … _days.html)

So I downloaded the 4.4.9 evaluation, and import it into my JSX file just like 4.4, and I’m getting compile errors. What am I doing wrong, and/or can we get 4.4.9 published to npm?


Currently, we don’t provide an npm package of the PRO version of dhtmlxScheduler, the package you get from npmjs.com/package/dhtmlx-scheduler is of Standard version which does not contain a unit extension.
Right now the available solution is to use an evaluation package of dhtmlxscheduler which you received with an email containing your evaluation access and add it to your project by hand.

If you use NuGet or npm, it should be easy to wrap scheduler codebase into a package and add it to the project using package management system you use - we have related docs for dhtmlxGantt docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__ … ntoproject , (we will add something similar to dhtmlxScheduler docs in the near time).