4.4 Window Problem

Not sure if your aware yet, in 4.4 some windows are rendering incorrectly.

The very first time the window is opened, it looks ok:

Then closing it and opening again, the top is messed up:

Please, attach completed demo to inspect this issue locally
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html

Creating a demo is not going to be easy. This is happening on a page that is using a full page layout with a toolbar at the top and the scheduler div is attached to cell a.

When clicking on an event, a dhtlmx window opens instead of the standard lightbox.

Then when the window closes, the letter ‘a’ suddenly appears under the toolbar.

When inspecting the element, here’s what is shown:

Whatever this is, this span is usually hidden, only when closing the window does it appear.

This letter “a” is the cells header text.

When I change the cell’s text as:


Then “xxxx” appears instead of “a”.

So in this case closing the window is making the hidden header of cell a to appear.

Please see other topic related to this problem at http://forum.dhtmlx.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=49046

I just realized the problem is happening in other places where the scheduler is not being attached. It’s happening on some screens and not on others. I am not sure what is causing it yet.

When the window is closed, the layout “cell a” is showing the header text, even when it is supposed to be hidden.

bmcgin, please, provide us a direct link on support [a] dhtmlx.com with reproducing steps.
Completed demo with description will be better (you can attach there “empty” scheduler, just to reproduce the issue) on the same address.
Unfortunately we can’t help you without demo

I have a working demo. Because it uses the Pro version I am emailing it.

I’ve emailed the demo to support@dhtmlx.com

i have same problem

i guess it could be related to ids of cells, i have two layouts on page, and the ids should not be mixed, at this moment i am not sure how to set the ids, and how can i find which layout part is which id

Support, did you get my email with the demo?

yep, will send you fixed dhtmlx.js soon

I just installed the update, so far it is looking good.