[4.6] error dhtmlxform does not support method "addItem"


I have the error : The object does not support property or method “addItem” on a dhtmlxform.


... var comboCodeDA1 = new dhtmlXCombo("liste_das_saisie_1", "liste_das_saisie_1", 100); var comboLibelleDA1 = new dhtmlXCombo("libCim10_1", "libCim10_1", 1000); var formListeDas = new dhtmlXForm("form_liste_das");

function customizeDA_code(combo_init, combo_lie){

formListeDas.addItem(null, combo_init, ((parseInt(numero) * 2) - 1));

customizeDA_code(comboCodeDA1, comboLibelleDA1);[/code]

Where have I made a mistake?

I did it differently, whithout form.