401 Error on Server

My Gantt chart works perfectly on my local machine. When it’s on the server and I try to update a task, it keeps pointing me to a 401 UnAuthorized error. Specifically on Gantt.Min.JS. Has anyone ever had issues with any of this?

IE gives me SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘selectNodes’

Any advice would be great!

Please share a demo link, where the issue can be checked

I can’t recreate it. I was just hoping that this community would have an idea where to start. The chart works perfectly on my local machine, it’s once I publish it to my server.

Chrome tells me that it’s during a PUT - it shows me that these are the files included in the error.

Another update:

When I run my app on Internet Explorer I get an error pointing at gantt.min.js saying 'Object doesn’t support property or method ‘selectNodes’. I have not altered the JavaScript files supplied by DHTMLX at all. Is this potentially a bug I should enter to support? I do have a license, but was hoping to avoid that, and get it figured out within the community.