404 error looking for icons with redefined path

I set the image path to point to the icons, which works, but then I get a 404 error because Javascript is still looking for the default icons.

[code] windows = new dhtmlXWindows({

//Create the chart windows
var chartWin = windows.createWindow({
    width:500, height:300,
var chartOptWin = windows.createWindow({
    width:300, height:200,

//Set the chart options
chartWin.setIcon("chart_window.gif", "chart_window.gif");
chartOptWin.setIcon("chart_options_window.gif", "chart_options_window.gif");[/code]

As you can see, the icons display correctly:

When the windows load, these two errors pop up:

I don’t understand why it’s still looking in the skin’s image folder.

Could you provide us direct link ot completed demo to see all the paths?
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo