404 Error Using Default Deployment

  1. Using NuGet for Visual Studio 2013 I deployed version 4.1.1 of the JavaScript based scheduler control.
  2. I added the necessary JS and CSS files to my html page
  3. I installed jQuery 2.1.1 and added the necessary JS file
  4. I added the necessary divs for the scheduler
  5. I added the necessary initialization script for the scheduler

When I run the development tools for IE11 and track the network calls I see the following:

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
localhost/Scripts/dhtmlxschedule … ler.js.map

There appears to be a reference to this location but the sources folder does not exist in the structure downloaded via NuGet.

nuget package does not contain a readable sources and map files, while compressed files still have links to source maps.
We’ll correct the package in the nearest time.
Note that the error do not cause any negative effects to your application - source maps may be needed to debug a compressed JS files and loaded only when you open developer tools. I.e. regular users won’t see such error.