404 Not Found on dhtmlxCalendar

Today i had decided that i wanted to use a better datepicker, so, browsing the web i ended up finding dhtmlxCalendar, it’s a really cool stuff, but i’m having some BAD problems to make it work correctly. So far i’ve been trying to put it in a web site that is Coldfusion Based, but i’m getting some errors here.

This is the code i’m currently using:

I can click on the textbox and get the calendar skinned and working fine, but bellow the calendar i’m getting a 404 not found message, what’s goin on?


a) It seems that you take the code from online samples.
The code in online samples is compressed to take lesser size, please use code from downloadable packages

The path to image folder in such case may be set as

b) Be sure that you have all files from img folder of package in your image directory, including blank.html

If problem still occurs - please try to use attached js file instead of original one.

dhtmlxcalendar.zip (11.6 KB)