505 Internal server error

I am trying to create DHTMLX gantt in PHP-Laravel framewrok and I have been trying pushing my data in the back end from the page but its showing error 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.
Please help me out

can you share a github repository or attach a sample where the issue can be reproduced?
Also, please be sure to enable debug output in your app https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44921945/how-to-debug-laravel-error-500-with-no-logs-no-information
It should give you more details on the issue, rather than generic 500 error

Ideally, it would show you a specific php error and a stack trace which will help you to resolve the issue.

Thank you for your reply!
I am attaching the zip file which I am using for my project.
and the brief about my problem is when I am trying to push data in my database from front end it is showing error status of 500. and i check the link you’ve mentioned and applied the required changes but still its not working.
kindly please look into this.

Looks like it has to do with your system settings.
I’ve migrated the database and ran the app, and all seems working correctly on my end:

When I throw the error manually, I can see a complete error stack trace and the exception message, so they are not disabled at the application level

Can you check the response tab of the problematic PUT request on your end again? Does it show an empty response, or is there any content?

You can also try enabling error reporting in php globally, using php.ini file, maybe this will give some info:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

Thank you for your reply!
Actually I’ve tried to resolve the problem and everything is working fine now.
Again Thank you for your help

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