7.1.8 grid setColumns bug


emmm, upgraded to 7.1.8 today, a grid attached to a window will not display now and it runs well before 7.1.8.


OK, this issue is raised because my code is written as:

getCustomerFrom().then(from => {

getCustomerFrom() will get datas from the server. It will be gone when I put the setColumns() out of getCustomerFrom()

It’s nothing to do with dhx window, but the setColumns(). Made a snippet


Hello adyanced

Thank you for your report and the example. The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix in one of the future udpates.



We have fixed your reported problem in the latest dhx.Suite update (7.1.9).
Now it should work correctly.,
Note, that you should define any columns structure for your grid initially: