A few issues and questions that came up during evaluation fo

We are currently evaluating the DHTMLX Gantt Chart as a potential replacement for our existing one and after some tests came up with the following list issues and question sorted in order of importance:

  1. loadData - URL (rmd parameter)
    We are currently unable to use the loadData method with data generated dynamically on the server because of a problem that causes the rmd (looking at the source I guess this is to prevent caching) parameter to be added without checking for any existing parameters in the given url.
    Is this a known limitation/problem/bug?
    Are there any workarounds?
    is there a road-map when this problem will be fixed?

  2. loadData - without any constraint checking and calculation
    As all of the calculations are done in our existing code and are based on more complex calculations. We would therefore need to have no error checking or any calculations done by the gantt chart and only display the information as stored in the generated XML structure.
    Is this somehow possible?
    Are there any workaround to do so?
    It this planned to be supported in the future and is the a road-map available?

  3. loadData - constraints
    We are having a very hard time to match the constraints for the imported tasks. Especially the relationship between start date and duration when using children and parent tasks are quite difficult to understand and I found no documentation on this. Pretty much every existing project we are trying to import shows some DATA_ERROR and a mystic explanation.
    Is there some documentation exactly explaining what information is mandatory, what information is calculated automatically and especially what the constraints between the individual fields are?

  4. loadData - JSON
    Currently the use of JSON is not supported but we generally prefer using the more efficient JSON data representation instead of XML.
    It this planned to be supported in the future and is the a road-map available?

  5. loadData - duration in hours
    Although the duration is specified in hours, the date has no time component.
    This makes the build-in calculation fail when there are dependencies between related tasks.
    The following example does not work:
    Task 1: 1.5.2011 (8:00) duration 1H
    Task 2: 1.5.2011 (9:00) duration 1H
    Did we misunderstand this functionality or is this a limitation/problem/bug?
    Are there any workaround?
    It this planned to be supported in the future and is the a road-map available?

  6. Hours per day
    The duration of a day seems to be fixed to 8 hours instead of 24 for the internal calculations.
    Can this be changed?

  7. Public holidays, vacations as part of the calendar
    Currently only weekend are marked but it would e very important to also mark other “free” days.
    It this planned to be supported in the future and is the a road-map available?

  8. Task information showing more columns
    Currently only the name of the task is shown in the tree view but it would be very important to also show other information like the used resources, fixed ate constraints etc.
    It this planned to be supported in the future and is the a road-map available?

  9. Multiple Calendar Grids
    Currently the calendar is always how with a daily grid. It would be very helpful to also support hourly, weekly, monthly an quarterly grids.

  10. Documentation, release notes, schedule and road-map
    I have not been able to find any past release notes that would in details explain what has changed, bugs that have been fixed or enhancements.
    I have not been able to find a release schedule or a rod-map that would explain what changes and enhancements are planned in future releases.

Sorry for the relatively long list of questions and thank you in advance for your help.

… some feedback would be greatly appreciated :wink:

  1. it is a bug it was fixed, will be released with the next version (we will inform when).
    2-3) we apply only simple constraints to be able to render the chart. we do not have a way to disable them.
  2. json is really good, we will support it.
  3. duration in hours (i mean hourly tasks) is not yet supported or planned.
  4. day length is customizable in new version.
    7-8) this functionality is planned for the next release (mid-october).
  5. zoom was implemented, will be in this new version.
  6. we will work on this, thanks for the notice.

I like to know if some of this stuff is on the version 1.3 or when do you think could be done.


Almost exactly 10 month’s ago there was a version planned for October 2011 that should contain a series of important additions that we would need but until now I see no progress and would kindly ask what the current plans for the Gantt chart component are and if now there is an official release plan for this component ?

… oops: it’s actually 8 not 10 month’s ago!