A few things which cause me to stumble when coding

Dhtmlx is a great tool, you’ve done a great job and it’s perfect in many ways.

Here is my wish list:

  1. I bought the pro suite and it would be nice to only need to specify one master js file. All of the additional js file, such as dhtmlxlayout_pattern4j.js, dhtmlxgrid_export.js, et all should already be included.

Because I build subscription based software, I am ok if the very first page load takes a few milliseconds longer. After that it is faster for the browser to check the cache on one large file instead of checking many included files.

I realize I could use a tool and create one file. This take time and I do not know all the files I need to include up front. Also since this software is purchased, I think it should be an option Dhtmlx should offer.

  1. I want the ability to select any of the skins dhtmlx has already created. Again, I only want to include dhtmlx_pro_full/dhtmlx.js and be able to specify the skin in one line of code. I should not need to download the skins files.

  2. All of these image file paths kill me. I would like just one path for my images and and each component should use it.

For example, when I want to put an icon on the upper left of a window, I need to place my image inside of some dhtmlx path. Then when I upgrade to next version, I need find my images and move them to the new version. I would like to specify my own image folder outside of the dhtmlx path and be able to reference it in all versions.

Possibly you have ways of doing these things already and I am using the wrong technique. These things will help me code faster and help me upgrade to newer versions. I hope this is clear.