A millisecond scale Gantt chart?

I need to create a Gantt chart to show the load times of resources on a web page. So of course the time scale need to be in milliseconds. My data would look something like:

data:[ {id:1, text:"abc.css", start_time:"10 (milliseconds)", duration:120 (milliseconds)}, {id:1, text:"abc.js", start_time:"18 (milliseconds)", duration:242 (milliseconds)}, ..... ],

Is there a way to achieve this? I’m willing to modify the code if needed. Some pointers would be great.


As far as I can see - it is not possible with Gantt as it is currently. Gantt date processing methods are not ready for milliseconds, and there is no scale configuration for milliseconds as well.

You can drop an email to sales@dhtmlx.com about possible customization


You can try to fake - lets say multiply them by 60000 and use the minutes scale. You will need to define your own time formatting templates to show time in necessary units.