A problem when collection values

If I use #connector_select_filter to make a select filter, it can only collect the label, but lost values .The problem will occur whatever the exCell is.(co, coro or combo)
The corresponding code is:
in file connector.js

[code]dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._parseHead=function(url, call, type){
…… ……
if (combo){
var lab=os[j].getAttribute(“label”)||val;

					if (combo.addOption)
						opts.push([val, lab]);
					//It is only preserve the label but lost the value
				} else
				…… ……

and in file dhtmlxgrid_filter.js

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._loadSelectOptins=function(t,c){ var l=this.collectValues(c); var v=t.value; t.innerHTML=""; t.options[0]=new Option("",""); var f=this._filter_tr?this._filter_tr[c]:null; for (var i=0; i<l.length; i++) //*******************start*********************** //f is null, and it always use l[i] as both label and value of //new options in select object(l[i] is array object v in //connector.js above) t.options[t.options.length]=new Option(f?f(l[i]):l[i],l[i]); //******************end************************ t.value=v; }

Try to use “#select_filter_strict” instead of the “#select_filter”, it must work correctly with co|coro columns ( it will translate label back to ID before filtering )