A question about excell "ch" and Group function in DHTMLxGri

This is continue your answer from the question as below:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … 601&a=1847

And for your answer “If you plan to use dataprocessor and grouping in grid - you need to attach dataprocessor to grid only AFTER grouping”

I have check with my code:



myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor(“LHNListController.php”);


myDataProcessor.setUpdateMode(“cell”);//available values: cell (default), row, off




function testFunc(obj){



For excell type “ch” it will call testFunc twice but for type “co” it will not(one time). Is there anything wrong for my code?

Actually there is no any critical issue with your code
Please be sure that you called group functionality after loading data , you can use onXLE event or next syntac


In other case functionality still work incorrectly.
Unfortuantely, because our main pupils on vacations, till the January  8., I can’t provide more detailed solution.