A question on dhtmlx class

Hi Guys,

We are using dhtmlxlayout/grid initialized on a DIV along with bootstrap css layout and we noticed that in(dhtmlx.css)
there is a particular class in the above css called

that gets applied on the body of the page with style
overflow:hidden which removes the vertical scrollbars and the scrolling ability of the main page.
When we commented this overflow:hidden in your css page gets back the scrollbars(as well as the scrolling ability to see content below the view point.
Does this affect any DHTMLX components or functions if we are initializing DHTMLX on a DIV element ?

Thanks in advance for the great and prompt support in your forums

In short, my issue is: when I initialize DHTMLX layout on a DIV element in a page , the vertical scrolling of the page gets disabled for some reason. However if I don’t use layout and initialize DHTMLX grid directly on the DIV, scrolling of the page is not afffected.
I believe the above class(set by DHTMLX on with the overflow:hidden style might be causing this issue but not sure.

Would you please suggest anything that could help fix this issue or let me know whether the work around I tried is safe on DHTMLX ?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Hi guys,

Any suggestions on getting the scrollbar working …??

Setting “overflow:hidden” is some kind of feature of DHTMLX framework.
To help you we need completed demo with detailed description of the container which must have scroll
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html