A small bugfix for the excel export PHP server side

Hi guys,

We were facing a small issue during export.
The export was done by ConverterService (server side PHP)

    $convert = new ConvertService(
    $conn = new GridConnector($mysqli, "MySQLi");

    $columns = implode(",",array_keys($data[0]));
    $conn->render_array($data, "id", $columns);

The issue was caused by grid headers which have values like F & B (ampersand special character) where the export fails with no errors. But by enabling logging we figured that is not CDATA unlike the data rows in the xml generated by it.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>
<rows profile='color'>

**<column type="ro" width="100" align="left">A&R</column>**
<row id='139865'>

We fixed it by modifying your server side to make it CDATA and now it seems to work fine. Attaching the modified file in case someone comes across this issue or if the support guys want to notify any possible issues this could create.

grid_config.php (12.2 KB)