A Tree and a Toolbar in a layout...


We are using DhtmlX, professionnal version (dhtmlxSuite 2009 Rel.1 (DHTMLX 2.1) Professional edition build 90226/90316).

All was going well since we tried to attach many components in a cell of a layout.
As you can see in the PNG attached to this thread, in the lower left part of the layout, we attach first a toolbar and then a tree with code below :

dhxLayout.cells("c").attachToolbar(); dhxLayout.cells("c").attachTree();

These two components are correctly attached and displayed. But we discover that, when there are too many rows in the tree, the scrollbars do not show correctly. They appear when more and more rows are added.
As we investigate, we found that the

that contains the Tree has a CSS top value equals to the height of the toolbar. Great for placing the Tree just below the Toolbar, but the height of that DIV (CSS height valued to 100%) seems to be wrongly calculated by IE8. As you can see in the PNG attached, that
(with blue borders) is too long…

Do you have an idea ?
Thanks in advance.


try to use the latest layout version (you download it from our website). Such a problem doesn’t occur in it. There won’t be problems with using tree 2.1 and layout 2.5.

However, you need to use the latest dhtmlxcommon.js (from 2.5 package).

Thanks for your quick answer.

There will be no problem using 2.5 version of some libraries (common, layout) and 2.1 of others ?

Where can i find these downloads please ?

There will be no problem using 2.5 version of some libraries (common, layout) and 2.1 of others ?

We haven’t tested 2.5 layout with 2.1 version of other components. But we are sure that the problems with tree and grid 2.1 won’t occur.

You may also use the latest toolbar version as there isn’t difference between standard and pro functionalities in this component.

Where can i find these downloads please ?

Standard Suite:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxL … ndex.shtml

The problem solved for a treegrid in a layout, but it occurs now with a tree in it…

We had the 2.5 version of layout and 2.1 version of grid and tree.

Any idea ? We are going to try the 2.5 version of tree…
edit : tried with 2.5 version of tree and still the problem…


the latest version is 2.6. Try to use layout 2.6 and 2.1 tree. If problem still occur please provide the demo to reproduce the problem (do not include tree PRO libraries)


We are going to try it.
But we still changed our 2.1 version of layout to 2.5 (including customizing CSS…) Do you know a simple way to update to 2.6 ?

css and js files of 2.6 and 2.5 versions are different.

Do you know a simple way to update to 2.6 ?

all methods of 2.5 are supported in 2.6.

The problem is still present.
I send you a PM.


Here is the working demo (it contains tree 2.6 standard). But we have not reproduced the problem with 2.1 PRO tree too.
accordion.zip (145 KB)

We found a solution.

In our initialisation of dhtmlXAccordion, we saw that we need to call all the “addItem” first.
Then, we need to call “openItem” on the cell that will contain the Layout. If we don’t, a JS error occurs (in your example, try to call openItem(“a2”) instead of openItem(“a1”) and you got a js error located at dhtmlxLayout.js, line 343, (the tdW variable is -2)).

Thanks for your support.