About indent/outdent and moveTask

I have studied about sample “Multiselection and Indent/Outdent tasks” and began to write my code like my code
1.when i wrote gantt.moveTask(3, 0, 2) in console,it’s done well;
2.when i wrote gantt.moveTask(3, 1, 1) in console, it’s also done well;
3.when i wrote gantt.moveTask(3, 0, 2) in console again, task3 disappeared。
4.when i wrote gantt.moveTask(3, 1,1),it would be an error.
5.when i wrote gantt.moveTask(3, 0,1),task3 showed again.
then i repeated 1 to 3,it was all right。
i don’t know why

It is a bug in Gantt that the tasks disappear when you indent and outdent them several times. The dev team will fix the bug in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.

The workaround is to use the moveTask method to move the task to another parent task, then move back. After that, the task becomes “immune” to the bug until you reload the page:

That’s why it works that way.

thanks,I tried that code,it’s ok