About recurring and ics


I know there are some problems to export recurrings events to ics. But is there a possibility to set up a limit in repetitions?

For example, you can just set up a recurring event til june. Then, it will not repeat forever and ics will not have problem.

Ics should pick up all events not just the first one.

Example: You have 2 events, first one is one day event and second one reapeated 3 times. Ics file should be like this:
event 1
duration : 1day
event 2:
one day
event 3
one day
event 4
one day

Is it possible? Pick up all events one by oneā€¦

It possible to alter serialization method, so it will output all currently visible occurrences of recurring events. Still there is no way to show all occurrences.

We have a prototype of php helper , which is able to convert recurring events between scheduler and iCal formats. If you are want to check it ( still in early development ) - contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com