about replacing the light box with a new one

1 How can I replace the original light box with my own form(I mean,a completely new one)?
2 And after doing that,what should I do to make sure the corresponding text(event title,content or something else) can still be displayed in the right field ?
3 I really need some suggestions on adding the “alarm clock” function,to remind somedody that It’s the time for him to do something on schedule.

I’m sure these are not hard questions,but I’m having trouble finding the answer :confused: ,so a little help
would be nice :slight_smile: .

Grab scheduler 2.3

and check

Such kind of functionality most probably is need to be added on server side. It may be any kind of script , which will poll DB periodically and do some action if oncoming event is detected.

thanks man,version 2.3 seems like a life-saver,but I have just encountered a problem about event templates,Is there any possibility that I can define two different event_header or event_text templates at once and use them based on the condition?

You can define only one template - but it can contain any kind of logic inside, so you can get current mode of scheduler ( or some custom variable ), and based on its value return one or another text.

scheduler.template.event_header=function(a,b,ev){ if (some_prop) return ev.text; else return ev.different_text; }