About subgrid


Thank you for supplying an answer to a question for the other day.

Excuse me, there is moreover a question.

I was operating “Grid with subgrid” , and doubted it.

Cannot the line be added to subgrid by this function ?

It seems merely to open the XML file prepared beforehand.

Thanks in advance.

Subgrids initialized from external XML, but after its opening it can be operated in next way

    var subgrid = grid.cells(i,j).getSubGrid(); // cels(i,j) - sub_row_grid cell
       // any grid related command can be executed against subgrid

Thanks for such a prompt reply.
The line was able to be added by advice.

But added line is hidden by parents line.
Then API Function “EnableAutoHeigth” was used, parents line was hidden by added line.

Isn’t there method of the addition without hiding the line?

Problem confirmed and fixed - please use attached file instead of original one, with it grid will correctly change his size after row adding|deleting.

If problem still occurs add next line to force size update

dhtmlxgrid_excell_sub_row.zip (1.87 KB)