About the datepicker...

dhx.ui({ id: 'app', view: 'layout', height: 482, width: 322,
	rows: [
		{ view: 'layout', type: 'wide',
			rows: [
				{ view: 'form', scroll: true,
					elements: [
						{ view: 'datepicker', label: 'Calendar', popup: '', click: '', date: '2011-01-01',value: '2011-01-01', startOnMonday: true, navigation: true, weekHeader: false, weekNumber: false, skipEmptyWeeks: true, calendarDateFormat: '%Y-%m-%d', calendarMonthHeader: '%F %Y', calendarDayHeader: '%d', calendarWeek: '%W', cellAutoHeight: true, id: 'control_calendar_2'}
					], id: 'form_2'
			], id: 'layout_2'

The datepicker show the date is wrong.


we have fixed the problem. The Touch package and the designer will be updated in a week.

Thank you

Hello, Alexandra
This problem still exist at 1.0RC, friends I’ve been waiting six months, I still use the 0.8 version!Why not fix it !??