About vault file added problems


Hi, I think i have some trouble about using vault.

When I added FileA.txt to the vault, then, I deleted the FileA.txt from file list.
In fact, I didn’t upload the file to server. It’s just added to the list.
After that, I tried to upload FileA.txt again, but I found that it cannot be added to list again!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
After I added FileB.txt to list, the FileA.txt was added succeed.

Could help give me some advice?



please specify browser and os details?


OS: Windows 7 32bit
Browser: IE10

We made tests and found that there is no problem in fireFox and opera except ie.


The value of input file tag can not be cleared. So, the change event would not be called.
For this reason, we cannot upload the same file again after cancel.



please specify exact dhtmlxVault version you are using or contact us via support system if it PRO.


DhtmlxVault Verson. 2.41
IE version: IE10
I’m still await your solution about this problem~~~~ :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



please try attached

dhtmlxVault_241_std_fixed.zip (1.45 MB)


This problem has been fixed.
:smiley: :smiley:
Thanks ~ Andrei.


Hi Andrei,

I have a similar behaviour in my application: I’m using the onBeforeFileAdd event to get a confirmation from the user that the file to be uploaded does not contain classified information and when returning false to cancel the add operation, it is also not possible to add the same file again (only after a different file has been selected). When the event handler returns true, everything works fine anyway.
I already tried your fix provided in this thread (and even added " || window.dhx4.isIE11" to the location where you did the fix, because I’m using IE11), but the problem still is there.

Note: the issue seems to occur only in “html4” mode of dhtmlxVault (but there regardless whether IE11 is running in native mode or in compatibility mode). Problem is that I need “html4” mode as a fallback because I can’t rely on Flash or Silverlight (or even Html5) be available in used browsers.

I could reproduce the issue using the “04_events/01_add_remove_files.html” example provided with dhtmlxVault Std 2.41, with just two adaptions:

  • in “upload_conf.php” I added “mode” => “html4” to force html4 mode
  • in the “onBeforeFileAdd” handler I replaced “return true;” by “return confirm(‘Really?’);”
    So then when clicking “Cancel” in the confirmation popup, the issue occurs.

Kind regards,



thanks for detailed explanation. please try the following:

dhtmlXVaultObject.prototype.html4.prototype = { ... _addForm: function() { ... f.firstChild.lastChild.onchange = function() { var name = this.value.match(/[^\/\\]*$/)[0]; this.previousSibling.value = this._idd = window.dhx4.newId(); var lastModifiedDate = null; var size = null; if (this.files != null && this.files[0] != null) { lastModifiedDate = this.files[0].lastModifiedDate||null; size = this.files[0].size||null; } if (that._beforeAddFileToList(name, size, lastModifiedDate) == true) { that._addFileToQueue(this); this.onchange = null; this.parentNode.parentNode.style.display = "none"; } that._addForm(); } } };

if you wish to get complete compressed version (i.e. dhtmlxVault.zip with all nested files as in regular package), please contact us at support@dhtmlx.com (please specify license id for pro version if any)


Hi Andrei,

thanks a lot for your answer, I included your proposal and now it works fine in both IE11 compatibility mode and native mode !

I even located the position in the compressed version and could adapt that, too.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Best regards,