Accents in name of node

I’m using the tree for the admin of a multilingual CMS. The tree is passed in as an xml document. For the spanish tree, some of the page names have accents, this is one example:


This should turn out to be an e with an acute accent. I’ve looked into some old xml guides that said entity codes are a no no for attributes, but I don’t see a way around having the page name as an attribute. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve put the whole xml below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Home Explora Experimenta Participa


you may try to encode the text as follows:


instead of text=“Exploreé”

But the spanish characters can be correctly loaded into the tree without these manipulations. make sure that data from database, xml and the page with tree have the same encoding - utf-8.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had the database, page, and xml to utf-8. Ultimately the problem was that despite the page’s charset was utf-8, someone had set the server itself to latin1. I put the charset inside the vhost and it worked properly.