Access DHTMLX Form by jquery

myForm = new dhtmlXForm("content", formData);

$("#myForm").setItemValue('a', '1'); // Not Working

How to access dhtmlx form by jquery? thanks


There is no buit-in solution to access DHTMLX object through jQuery locator.
You can use the global js name though,

myForm = new dhtmlXForm("content", formData); myForm.setItemValue('a', '1');

if I can’t do it with jquery, so I will change my code. I only need access dhtmlx form reference by it’s name, like this :

var dhtmlxform = document.getElementsByName("myform"); 

but not working too, any solution? thanks

Hi Stanislav,

I find solution for this problem :

var dhtmlxform = window["myform"];

however, thanks for your response.