Access dhtmlxTooltip object at window object level

I am not able to hide dhtmlxTooltip even when mouse pointer is outside scheduler’s container.
Given that -

  1. scheduler’s height and width is lesser than 100%.
  2. Drag the mouse outside the scheduler container, inline with the events half displayed and half hidden in the current view.

So, is there a way to acces dhtmlxtooltip object on window object. So I can use hide() method to hide tooltip on mouseout event of scheduler container ?

find the image below.
the mouse is way out of scheduler container


Yes, there is


method to hide the tooltip.

could you please let me know, why tooltip is not hiding not hiding in above link,
when mouse exits from the left side of scheduler container.

As you mentioned earlier, because

You need to check when the cursor is outside the Scheduler container and call dhtmlXTooltip.hide().

I tried to create a demo for you. Toolltip hiding works properly in this demo:

But when I try to do the same in the Timeline view, I encounter any difficulties:

I need more time to investigate the problem.

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This works fine. check this.