access rights


Just installed for 1st time.

Issue seems to be with access rights. Only shows one - default (see attached). Cannot seem to add/edit other user types as shown in your example at: … rights.png

Where do i find settings to change this?


Are you using some plugin|module for access management ?
Component can work with default access rights, but if you are using custom solution for it - custom access rights will not be accessible.


Great question, but no. In fact I deactivated all plugins except this one with no change. This is still on a test site (which is live but not on a main domain URL). Normal install, I even changed out the theme, still same

Any other ideas on what might be causing this?



Which version of Joomla you are using ?


Actually wordpress … version 3.5.2
Everything seems to be working fine except that


I also tried it on a few other WP installs, same exact results. Could there be a bug in Version 3.0?