Access settings - Allow users' groups to edit events

Hi all, I have a simple question, but dont where to set it.
Where to find access settings in source code or database?
Scheduller works perfectly, but I cant see settings in Administrator (Allow users’ groups to edit events and so). Well, its interesting, but I can only see the same scheduler as on webpage.
Thank you for your help.

For both plugins, it can be configured from admin part, which is separate control panel which is available from admin section of CMS

In case of WP

WP-admin => plugins => scheduler => Access rights

In case of Joomla

Joomla-Administration => Components => Scheduler => Access rights

Well, I thought in which file I can change the settings.
Joomla-Administration => Components => Scheduler => Access rights
That would be the easiest way, i know. But in this path, I can see the whole scheduler (no settings). Strange…
I tried to find the path
WP-admin => plugins => scheduler => Access rights
but there is no such a path.
How about FTP www/components/com_scheduler/codebase/“some file”
or FTP www/administrator/components/com_scheduler/“some file”


Settings are stored in DB and can’t be changed directly ( they are quite complicated )

In case of Joomla
Can you try to
a) login to
b) In top menu find “Components” item, and in drop-down list - “Scheduler”

Be sure that you are logging in with Admin user

Ou, yes it works. my fault. I manually insert folder from site/com_scheduler into admin/com_scheduler so than there was the same scheduler in Administrator as on Site
Thank you for your time.