We are considering your product for using it for our projects. We haven’t found any information about accessibility. We have strong requirements about accessibility in our country when working with public institutions.

Does your products address accessibility requirements? Where can I find some documentation?

Thank you in advance.




which component do you mean ?

Grid, tree and combo components can be initialized from html objects: table, list and select correspodinly. So, the data will be presented even javascript isn’t allowed.

My question was about accessibility of the components as regulated by WAI (

Can you give me an example of what you described in your answer for initializing Grid, or tree or combo initialized from html objects that will work even without javascript?

Thank you for your attention.


Giuseppe Catalano

Regarding the dhtmlx conformity with Section 508 and other mentioned specifications - we can’t guarantee… and don’t sure that some html component can do that.

Our components can be intialized from html as we whote in the previous answer. Possibly this feature can help in this case.

The samples are: … _init.html