Accessing iframe in popup Windows

Dear all,

   1. I have made a layout 
   2. Pressing a button on the layout I create a popup window (dhxWins. create....) with id="w1" and I attach a URL
   3. Pressing a button on the popup window I return to the layout (parent.window) and i create a new popup window(dhxWins. create....) with id="w2" and I attach another URL
   4. So I have the layout and two popup windows ("w1" and "w2"). The "w1" is modal(false) and the "w2" is modal(true).
   5. Pressing a button on the popup window with id="w2" I return to the layout and try to access the iframe in popup window("w1"). 


   When I run dhxWins.forEachWindow(function(win){alert("winId= "+win.getId());}) I get only winId="w2"! I cannot see the popup window with id="w1".

   What am I doing wrong?

   P.S. Have in mind that the URLs I attach to each popup window are in the same domain (i make them). Also, i have followed all your suggestions and i have included all references...

 So, the question remains... Why i cannot access the popup window with id="w1"?


to access window content inside iframe you can use the following method:


or to call the function:


win is window object

If you try to call functions that are defined in parent window:


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